Swords And Souls Survival

    Swords and Souls Survival is a game that is developed by Soulgame studio. It is a fighting game, but I think it is interesting much more than exciting.

Click here to play Swords And Souls Survival


     When playing Swords and souls survival, you will realize how interesting it is. In my opinion, everything in Swords and souls survival is so amazing! The battles, the training lessons, the secrets will satisfy you. So, you may be glued to it. It is an addictive game.

  In Swords and souls survival, you are a Roman warrior, who are under training to become a hero someday. However, in the game, you don’t have to training or fighting all time. There are a lot of other interesting things in the game and I’m sure that you will feel so curious about them.

   First, when you click play, a map will appear. That map is the map of a Roman ancient town, where there are an arena, a museum, training place, the hero’s place, shop and your house. But in the beginning, there is only the arena, and then the other places will appear gradually. When you lose in the first battle, the training room will appear. The other places appear just after you win in that battle and be able to earn money.


    Because there are many places in Swords and souls survival, the creator has many places to hide secrets, which is so interesting. There are 9 secrets hidden in the game. After finding each secret, you will receive a trophy. All of the trophies that you receive are displayed in the Trophy room of the museum.


   Besides, there are 13 lost children. Like secret, you will receive a trophy for all the children found. The secrets, the children are at the places where you have never thought. That makes you feeling so curious about them. You will feel so exciting to find them. When you find them, they will jump and laugh happily. The 13 lost children is one of 9 secrets hidden in the game.

   Swords and souls survival is a very interesting that can satisfy your curiosity. Let’s play the game now to see whether you can find all the secrets and the lost children or not.

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