Swords And Souls Secrets

      Swords and souls is a fighting game which was released by Armor games. It is so interesting that you can be glued to it all day long.

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       Being a fighting game, but Swords and souls is easy to play, not very exciting. However, it is very interesting instead.

      Maybe players only pay attention to the game, arena, training and so on. Meanwhile, they don’t notice that there are many secrets in the surroundings of them in the game

      Now, I will show you all the secrets of Swords and souls

     First, on the bottom of the screen, there is a box with the word “FREE GOLD”. Click and you will find two first secrets. They are the logos of Armor games and Souls game.

     Secondly, in the shop, tap some times in the roof of the shop. A ninja will fall down from the sky.

     Thirdly, behind the right wall of the shop, there is a man.

swords and souls-play

      Fourthly, in the training room, click this  and a cat will appear on the window.

      Keep being in the training room, tap the whale which are on the shelf.

      Then, go home, tap in your wife some times, she will get angry.


      In the house, tap the flower pot, a child will appear.

      Finally, in the museum, tap some times in the candle on the table in front of the old man. It will burn.

game-swords and souls

     Well, they are all the secrets of Swords and souls. How about starting searching now?

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