Swords And Souls Lost Children

       Swords and souls is a fighting game which is developed by Soulgame studio. It can’t satisfy you if you are waiting for such an exciting game, but its interesting secrets can blow you away.

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       In Swords and souls, there are a lot of secrets in the surroundings. For example, there are 13 lost children.

       Now, let me show you the locations of the 13 lost children in Swords and souls.

       Firstly, two first children are on the map.


       Secondly, when you come in the arena, a child is hiding behind the board where there is “Select a battle”.

       Next, select battle 1, you will find another child behind the board “Battle 1 – The newbies”.

      Then, visit the shop, there is a child on the left corner of the roof.


      After that, come to the training room, a child is hiding behind the swords.

      In hero, another child is behind the hero.

      Next, visit the museum, three children is hiding there. One is in the right corner of the screen, where the amount of coins is. Another is hiding on the ceiling of the statues room. The last one is hiding at the deepest corner of the armory room.


      Finally, go home. There are the last three children hiding at your home. The first one is behind the windmill. Another is on the flower pot. You can find the last child hiding behind the barrel.


      Now, let’s try finding yourself!

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